Let us say that you are in charge of managing, inspiring, and organizing the creative staff at our agency. Now creative people often tend to be moody, too relaxed, temperamental, snooty, or wild – that spells difficult to tackle – especially when things are wanted yesterday and we need to meet impossible deadlines. This does not apply to all, some are extremely productive, they leave nothing for tomorrow, they don’t need prodding to do uncalled for research, but some can be quite nasty and take pride in being that way.

Now everyone is not created equal, but it is tricky business to get the best or most brilliant out of a person, very often out of thin air (because there isn’t a brief so to speak), against deadline, and prompting him or her to deliver their best work using experience, intuition, confidence, that too consistently and with efficiency. Just remember that creative people are individuals with unique motivational processes, if you are able to understand and respect that, you can find ways to make them tick.