Managing Creative People

Let us say that you are in charge of managing, inspiring, and organizing the creative staff at our agency. Now creative people often tend to be moody, too relaxed, temperamental, snooty, or wild – that spells difficult to tackle – especially when things are wanted yesterday and we need to meet impossible deadlines. This does not apply to all, some are extremely productive, they leave nothing for tomorrow, they don’t need prodding to do uncalled for research, but some can be quite nasty and take pride in being that way.

Now everyone is not created equal, but it is tricky business to get the best or most brilliant out of a person, very often out of thin air (because there isn’t a brief so to speak), against deadline, and prompting him or her to deliver their best work using experience, intuition, confidence, that too consistently and with efficiency. Just remember that creative people are individuals with unique motivational processes, if you are able to understand and respect that, you can find ways to make them tick.

Digital Marketing for Education Brands

Digital marketing transforms the education sector in more ways than one. Apply it to promote the institution in a cost-effective manner and reach the target group with an apt message at the right time. Digital presence helps bolster the image and deliver tough competition to rivals. Opt for a digital marketing strategy to enhance the appeal of the educational institution and generate more business.

How digital marketing helps in the education sector

People search online for the information they need. Most users are students who rely on the Internet to acquire information about colleges, courses, fee structure, study material, placement opportunities in universities, schools, scholarships and lots more. Educational institutions should establish their digital presence and reach out to a wide audience scouting for key information.

All educational institutions cannot highlight the features of the college to attract students to join them. Hence the best way to promote is to apply digital marketing tools. Parents also conduct an online search, they want to explore the options online to look for something they missed out. Parents seek information about fees, accommodation, faculty, facilities, transportation, syllabus, and extracurricular activities. Some colleges allow online application during admission time. Queries of parents are answered online. Parents assess the merits and demerits of an institution after comparing the shortlisted options using facts culled from the website. It is vital for an educational institute to have a digital identity. It helps attract more students to join your college or institute.

Best digital marketing practices

Define the target audience of the education sector and identify the pain points. Know the online behaviour of the audience. Accordingly, promote your services using the right digital channels where you find your target audience.

Some best practices of digital marketing in the education sector include:

Build or revamp the website

A website showcases what the education brand stands for and makes it possible to communicate with the audience worldwide. It reflects values and ethics, offers exhaustive information to parents and students. It highlights the unique aspect and how it enriches the lives of young individuals. Every piece of information is presented with thrust. Optimize the website for mobiles, as smartphone users are growing in number. Keep it updated with details related to campus, environment, infrastructure, facilities, courses, faculty, placements, and benefits. Organise the content in a user-friendly manner and make navigation smooth and easy for parents and students.

Publish blogs regularly to attract users to read

Blog – the primary source to find information and acquire knowledge – catches the attention of your audience to land on the website. Regularly published blog posts let students land on your blog to consume the information about current affairs and trends in education. The blog offers information about the education institution – read and share information. Educational institution faculty and students write blogs that allow you to grab the attention of students and remain ahead. Come up with fresh content that is interesting for the audience to read.

Search for the best blogs of educational institutions to understand the current trends in the educational sector. Since the educational blogs are read by students, post content on topics of interest for the student community.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Optimizing the content of your blog and website generates web traffic and reaches prospective students as well. Employ relevant keywords to the topic you are posting to drive more traffic to the website. Gain knowledge of the keywords and marketing strategies used by other educational websites and blogs. Present the content in a unique and interesting way to augment the engagement rate. The SEO expert should do on-page and off-page optimization of blogs and websites to gain a new audience to the blogs and sites of your university or educational institution.

Student interaction through social media platforms

Social media is a popular marketing platform to promote products and services. Quality content about education and latest trends on social media communities that are followed by students and parents attract new students to your college.

Various social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter can be used by educational institutions. Online and social media presence saves big on your spend on acquiring a student every year. Besides, showcase your educational institution in a new angle.

Students get to interact with the management and get replies to their queries. This enables the educational institutions to motivate students and parents to join here by assuring them of superior education and a great career ahead.

Paid promotion channels

Display and search ads can be used by educational institutions to amplify their brand. PPC ads targeting a special group of audience and location are preferred. You can run them whenever you want. If it is a new academic year, then start posting ads about your institution to motivate students to know about it.

The odds of generating leads through ad campaigns are higher because this redirects the students to land on forms page – a cost-effective way to acquire new students.

Power of email marketing

Email is the best – and cheaper – marketing technique to promote and reach the target groups. Compose the email content to motivate the students to land on your website to learn more about your educational institution. The email content should talk about the requirement that the student is looking for. Create different mailing lists for students and parents and then develop different content for students, parents. The message should be spot on. Add a compelling subject line to grab attention. Make the emails appear mobile friendly to widen the reach.

Re-targeting for conversion

Various digital marketing channels can be used to generate leads. To convert a prospective customer into a potential customer, keep on re-targeting the interested customer until they become your customer. Follow-up the student and send newsletters regularly to ensure brand recall. As the target audience comprises parents and students, send a newsletter about alumni achievements or awards won by students in district, state, and national level competitions to retarget the audience.


Generate leads through an ad campaign and also from third-party vendors and educational portals. The best customer relationship management allows businesses to gain strength and build a long-term relationship with the target audience. By re-targeting the prospective clients, responding to their queries and following them up always helps generate qualified leads.


The reputed business in the market gets new business and profits quickly. The best way to improve online reputation is to post posts, videos, testimonials, interviews of faculty members, speeches delivered by eminent personalities, research papers, campus news, and feedback on the alumni. This information gets the attention of the audience to engage on the site for a long duration.


Reputation is the prime advantage an educational institution can harvest by adopting digital marketing tactics to promote their institute. It is vital to stay ahead of competitors by promoting your brand. Traditional marketing strategies fail to deliver. Digital marketing helps you give fierce competition to the competitors. Besides, there are some advantages you can get.


Digital marketing platforms are affordable, helping the educational institutes reach a wider audience base in a short span of time. Educational institutions invest in different online marketing platforms including, email marketing, social media and RSS feeds to mop up staggering traffic and profits for their business.


Online marketing channels are considered to be a quick way to disseminate the promotional message to the target audience. Also, the businesses can get instant feedback on the promotional strategy. Students like to be on social media. Posting educational information on social media offers instant feedback. It is absorbed by the institutes to improvise their services and apply them for the next round of promotional blitzkrieg.


Marketing campaign tracking tools are available. The most powerful tool used is Google Analytics. By tracking the KPIs in the tool, you can keep on tweaking the marketing strategy to earn more profits and traffic for your institute. Digital marketing is the best marketing platform used by the education sector to prepare different strategies and apply.


Digital marketing allows educational institutions to reach a wider audience through social media, emails, and ads. This brings traffic and conversion rates. From all the digital marketing channels, email is most effective as it lets the institute reach the target audience directly.


Online presence in the digital world creates a brand reputation and promotes the brand through multiple digital marketing sources. For better brand image, update the website, post blogs and promote your institute in various social media channels. Maintain the digital marketing channel to reap huge profits.


It is a detailed process to execute a digital marketing strategy for educational institutions. To gain a brand reputation without spending much time on marketing, assign the digital marketing mandate to the best SEO and digital marketing agency. Educational institutions have to focus on moulding the career of students instead of promoting themselves. It is an onerous task for an educational institution to keep posting new content on every digital marketing channel. While they impart knowledge, the burden of creating awareness about the institute must be passed on to the best digital marketing agency. A team of digital marketing warriors promotes the institute in various online marketing channels effectively.

Professional agencies provide quality services at low rates – save time, effort and manpower of every educational institution and get whopping ROI. Digital marketing experts remain updated with the latest digital marketing trends. Digital marketing experts discuss your website and business goals and then chalk out the right strategy.


Milton Hershey - “Give them quality....”

Social Media marketing and PR is a huge rage in this industry. Whether it is the healthcare sector or education. Brands are reaching out with the help of social media in order to engage with the prospective customers. Undoubtedly social media is an important catalyst in driving traffic to various business websites. However, while connecting with the target audience brands are continuously creating new contents to feed their visitors with the requisite information without asking for anything in return. Content and conversation can go on for months…

Here’s how:  

Marketing Strategies Continue to Evolve

Social media and the world of search engines continue to change and evolve to offer the consumers, best of the options. A set strategy may not be set in stone for a very long time. But some of the best social media marketing strategies are the ones that are monitored to adapt as per market changes and trends. The more a campaign is monitored, the more it gets adapted to the social media marketing changing trends. Therefore, constant generation of new ideas to keep the target audience engaged is extremely crucial.  

Immediate Results from Social Media Marketing is Difficult

It may be important to keep the audience engaged, but expecting immediate results from social media is difficult.

Social media marketing’s success depends upon a campaign’s overall success. Generating a creative idea through a single post is not enough to make a campaign successful. Creativity and Innovation speaks for any successful social media campaign. Therefore keeping campaign-wise post well informed and full of creativity over a period of time determines the true success of any social-media campaign.

The results may be gradual and may take months to formulate, but "A tree is known by its fruit".

To see the best fruits every social media manager should keep tracking the performance of their campaign, over time.  The best thing in a situation like this is to track the performance, over time.

Brian Solis is Principal Analyst and futurist at Altimeter, a Prophet Company, a keynote speaker and best-selling author, says, “Social Media is about sociology and psychology more than technology.” proves that nothing is static in the field of social media marketing.